Enrollment:  Full-Time

LCA requires both parents to be professing Christians, in agreement about the home education of their children, faithful, active members in a church which has the Bible as its textbook for life. The primary teacher in the family must not be employed full-time outside the home. (If one of the parents of a child enrolling in the program is not the legal parent due to a divorce, permission to home school must be obtained from the non-resident legal parent before the family can be enrolled.)

Full-Time enrollment in LCA requires membership with HSLDA, participation in online attendance system, team meeting three times a year, participation in a Team Project, at least one parent to participate in standardized testing and two mandatory parent meetings per year.  Families seeking to enroll full-time with LCA must pick-up an Application Packet from the office.  Application forms will not be mailed or emailed. After the application packet is returned with all required documents and applicable fees, a family interview will be scheduled.   After the family interview, the board will decide on final family acceptance.

Life Christian Academy – Policy Manual


Part-Time enrollment is available for high school students who only wish to take classes at LCA. (Students will have another home school covering.)   Come by the office to pick up a Part-time packet.   Class fees are per semester and paid directly to the teacher.

FEES: Full and Part-Time

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